SDK.dll not found on fresh runtime folder

I have followed the instructions given how to use the SDK demo app with audio data reading via MSDK_RawDataDemos/GetAudioRawData at master · tanchunsiong/MSDK_RawDataDemos · GitHub.

I downloaded the SDK from the zoom market place.

But getting this run time error when i run with fresh DEBUG or RELEASE folder. As a workaround if i copied all the files inside zoom-native-sdk-connector\SDK\x64\bin to my DEBUG or RELEASE output folder zoom-native-sdk-connector\x64\Release or zoom-native-sdk-connector\x64\Debug then i was able to run this successfully. But was it the correct way?

Below i attached screenshots to

  • Share my error
  • Share my SDK folder structure inside my main project.
  • Share SDK internal folder structure that i downloaded from zoom market place
  • Share SDK lib path is given in the visual studio

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Latest (aka v5.17.2.30038)


Additional context
Its exactly similar to this issue which is unresolved.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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