SDK failed to initialize with error code: ZoomVideoSDKError(rawValue: 1)

  • Xcode Version: 15.0.1

  • Device: iPhone XR / iOS 17.3.1

  • SetUp: I have integrated the Zoom Video SDK using Swift Package Manager from GitHub - zoom/videosdk-ui-toolkit-ios: Zoom Video SDK UI toolkit iOS package. repository (using the master branch) with my custom UI.

  • Current State :- After migrating from Twilio to Zoom, I have successfully set up the backend and integrated everything, and video calls are functioning properly.

  • Issue Faced :- Upon creating the video call request for the first time after the app launch, subsequent attempts to request a call with either the same or a different token and session name result in an error with ZoomVideoSDKError(rawValue: 1). I suspect this could be an initialization issue, as upon fresh app launch, the first-time video call connects successfully without any issues.

  • Details :- To initialize the Zoom Meeting params, I use the following method every time a user starts a video call:

 func setUpZoomMetting()  {

        debugPrint("call View Didload")
        initZoomParams.domain = ""
        initZoomParams.enableLog = true
        let sdkInitReturnStatus = 

        switch sdkInitReturnStatus {
        case .Errors_Success:
            debugPrint(" *** SDK initialized successfully")
            ZoomVideoSDK.shareInstance()?.delegate = self

            if let error = sdkInitReturnStatus {
                debugPrint("*** SDK failed to initialize: \(error)")

– And here’s how I assign received token and session detail, obtained from the API –

func  assignTokenAndDetailForJoinSession () {

        let sessionContext = ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext()
        sessionContext.token = zoomSessionToken
        sessionContext.sessionName = zoomSessionName
        sessionContext.userName = zoomUserName
        if let session = ZoomVideoSDK.shareInstance()?.joinSession(sessionContext) {
            debugPrint("Session joined successfully.")
        } else {
            debugPrint("joinSession: failed.")

- Request :- I require your insights or assistance in identifying and resolving this initialization issue. For reference, I have attached the relevant codebase.

Hi Team

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m reaching out to remind you about the SDK initialization issue I raised regarding the ZoomVideoSDKError(rawValue: 1). I’m still encountering difficulties with the initialization process, and I’m eager to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Your insights and assistance in identifying and resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi @rutika,
I’m having a similar problem, but the rawValue is 2. Did you check this link?

I think you’d better try to find the solution yourself, or you’ll wait a long time.

Hi @rutika
I faced the same problem like you. Let try clean SDK after end session.