SDK internal error on auth

I tried to get started with zoom desktop SDK and I got SDKERR_INTELNAL_ERROR response every time when I called m_AuthSDKWorkFlow.Auth(param).
I tried c++ and c# versions - result the same.
What is wrong?


To Reproduce
1 On the first form press button “SetDomain”. “” in the field
2 On the second form enter JWT Token in the field and press “Auth”
I got error “auth sdk failed”. In the debugged I can see it is SDKError::SDKERR_INTELNAL_ERROR(15)



Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Based on the log provided, it seems like the JWT token is invalid. Could you provide a sample of your JWT payload?

You may also refer to the instruction here:


Hi @Carson_Chen,
Thanks for your answer. I tried to get new jwt token but result the same.
Also I tried using AuthParam instead of AuthContext. Result was negative. I got other error in the end.

	ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::AuthParam param;
	param.appKey = myAppKey;
	param.appSecret = myAppSecret;

My jwt payload
“typ”: “JWT”,
“alg”: “HS256”
“aud”: null,
“iss”: “uogDBCKpQeiEQXUOZNkeUA”,
“exp”: 1602244849,
“iat”: 1601640050



Thanks for reply and pardon the late response. The JWT payload that the SDK is expecting is(As shown in

	   "appKey": "string", // Your SDK key
         "iat": long, // access token issue timestamp
         "exp": long, // access token expire timestamp, max: iat + 2 days
         "tokenExp": long // token expire timestamp, MIN:30 minutes

Here is a code snippet that could be helpful in generating the JWT token:

iat = long(int(time.time()))
    exp = long(( + datetime.timedelta(days=2)).strftime("%s"))
    tokenExp = long(( + datetime.timedelta(hours=1)).strftime("%s"))

    payload = {
        'appKey': key,
        'iat': iat,
        'exp': exp,
        'tokenExp': tokenExp
    encoded = jwt.encode(payload, secret, algorithm='HS256')

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you for help
Everything works great after correct token generation

Glad to be helpful. I will go ahead and close this thread. Please feel free to create another post if any other questions. :slight_smile: