SDK release date

Hello! We are really looking forward to the Fully Customizable SDK release for an cinematography app that we are prototyping. It involves streaming AR-rendered content for different parties to collaborate in real time. Seems like this SDK is exactly what we need.

Any ETA on the actual release? I’ve filled out the contact form but there isn’t much information beyond the SDK docs. We’re on a fairly short timeframe for this prototype (3 months) so we are looking forward to getting started :slight_smile:

Hi @brians, thanks for using the dev forum.

That does sound like a great use case for the Fully Customizable SDK!

Unfortunately due to high demand for this SDK, we have been experiencing longer response times after requesting more information. We apologize for this delay and are working towards getting you set up as quickly as we can. :slightly_smiling_face:

We also are expecting this entire process to be self-service roughly by January, in case you have not yet been contacted by then.


Thanks for the reply @jon.lieblich. Does this mean that I should be hearing more from sales shortly(ish)? Like I said we have a pretty tight timeline on a prototype so hopefully we can get access sooner rather than later for this SDK.

Looking forward to it! Thanks.

Hi @brians,

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any information on when you will be contacted. I would imagine that this will depend on where your form lies in the queue relative to other interested customers.

I will be sure to let you know if I hear any updates on this, but in the meantime hopefully you hear back from someone soon!