When will the Fully Customizable SDK be available?

I’ve clicked on ‘get started’ and filled out the contact form at least 5 times now, and nobody has got back to me. I’ve also contacted regular support and they have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention the fully customisable SDK, and keep referring me to the windows SDK :roll_eyes:.

Please can someone just let me know how to begin working with the new SDK? Otherwise I’ll be moving away from Zoom all together…


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Indeed, according to their blog post, they said they were releasing the new Fully Customizable SDK by the end of October. I’m waiting for an answer too.

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Hey @alexmayo, @carlo_m,

We apologize for the wait as our ISV Team works to approve each request for the Fully Customizable SDK.

That being said, starting in January the Fully Customizable SDK will be self service, so you will have immediate access. :slight_smile:


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@tommy, is there any timeline on when in January the Fully Customizable SDK will be self service?

Hey @satya1,

I do not have the exact day in January for you. Stay tuned!


Hi @tommy !

Any update on the launch date?



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@tommy Please update on this thread once it’s out. Thanks!

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Hey @alejandroboccardi, @elearningevolve,

I will update you on when it is available for self serve, or if the timeline changes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience, and we are excited to get this into your hands!


Hi @tommy can a fully customisable sdk be used for creating and attending webinar as they handle with sessions