Sdk screencasting user login

In the sdk, if it is only a conference room screencasting user, can I not log in (email or sso token)?

I removed the user login in the code and only used sdk auth, and the screen projection failed


But if you use the zoom client directly, even if the user is not logged in, you can directly cast the screen by right-clicking on the tray


Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Your post does not provide enough details. Could you share steps to reproduce, SDK versions, and screenshots of the error you are seeing? This will help diagnose what may be happening.


The main use process of sdk is:

  1. set Domain

  2. jwt token auth

  3. user login(email or ssotoken)

At this time, the user can go to the function interface, fill in the pairing code, and cast the screen.
The question I want to ask is: Does the screencast function user have to log in, i.e. step 3 above(Screencasting code screencasting, non-conference screencasting)
I also tried to remove step 3 and then perform screencasting, but the screencasting failed,
When the screencast code casts the screen, an error is returned SDKERR_UNINITIALIZE: 7

The zoom client user can also cast the screen without logging in

Another question is, does the pairing code cast screen not support selecting the window to cast the screen on? There is no such setting item in the sdk, but in the zoom client

use sdk information
Electron sdk: v5.2.42037.1112

** Base SDK versions:**
** win32 native sdk version:zoom-sdk.5.2.42037.1112**
** mac native sdk version:All_mac_sdk_5.2.42037.1112**