Electron SDK user login

There are currently two login methods for users in the zoom demo:

  1. Username and password
    2.sso token

At present, we have docked the sso token login method (but two-factor authentication is used for security), so it is not impossible to log in directly with token=xxx. Here I want to know whether the SDK does not need to log in again when it is integrated in the client’s SDK , Because our client can obtain user-related information when docking with the background

Does sso token refer to the token in the link here?

Yes. Using that SSO token worked for me about a year ago.

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Thank you very much for solving my problem. I understood it from the SAML2 protocol at the beginning and thought it was a token generated by IDSP.

You’re welcome! Glad to hear this was helpful.

Sorry to disturb you, Navigate to https://.zoom.us/saml/login?from=desktop. then ssologin, and then get the token, can this process be completed in the background, because the sdk is currently integrated into In a client

I’m not sure. I didn’t end up using the SSO functionality, because there was no way to get the SSO tokens through the official APIs. I didn’t want my app to break if Zoom changed anything.

ok, SAML2.0 should be done in the browser at present, let me try other methods to try

Thank you! :smile:

I found a solution through this

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Thanks! I didn’t realize that token worked with loginWithSSOToken

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