SDK UI Capability Enquiry

I wish to use the Zoom framework for my educational app. However the standard UI is too complicated for my target audience.

Is it possible, using the SDK, to build a much simpler UI like the sample attached? If so, how do we control the size and location of each video component?

Thank you.


Hi Charlie, 

Please take a look at sample2 we provided in the package, you should get a better idea of what UI customization you can perform over Android SDK.


Where can i find this sample2 package?

Hi Charlie,

please take a look @


Im sorry i am not actually a developer, but a system designer.

To put in simply, is the design mockup above achievable? 


A enquiry from my developer:

I can add new buttons and elements, move all ZoomView but is there any way to update elements inside ZoomView?

It seems the SDK contains this view but source code isn’t available for modification.

I see these lines, but unsure how to update it. Thanks.

layout="@layout/zm_conf_main_screen" />



Hi Charlie,

currently we don’t recommend you to change Zoom’s in meeting UI. Please keep your eyes closely on this forum as we will announcing new release for SDKs which support UI modification.