SDK update system is a mess

It is the second time that it happens to us, that our integration with Zoom SDK is suddenly “broken” without any prior notice. It is not possible that a platform that is used by so many people, all developers are allowed to update without prior notice. Currently we get an error that says “the mobilertc version is incompatible”. How do they forcefully update accounts without notifying developers? It is useless for you to put notices on your website or forums because we are not going in every day to see what you post. Is it so difficult to send a massive email to all your developers (you know who they are because they have your own app created) to notify you of such important changes?

I don’t understand how at this point you continue to work in this “shabby” way.

I hope you improve this system because of course for your users it is a very important damage.


First off, I hear you, I really do. It’s hard to get the relevant information to the correct parties with the current system we have in place. I just got hired here and a part of my job description is to smooth out the communication lines so that you aren’t put in this situation again.

I can’t fix what has already happened (and once again, I’m sorry for it) but I can work to unblock you right now. Is there anything you need from my end to get unstuck?

Hey Zuniq,

One thing we can recommend as a “band-aid” while we work on improvements to our communication strategies is to subscribe to This allows you to subscribe to updates and you can get any number of notifications from Email, Text, and even a raw RSS feed.

It’s not a perfect solution and we plan to do better overall, but we think this is a good alternative while we continue to work out the kinks.