SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE on SwtichToAcitveSpeaker

I’m getting SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE when switching to active speaker mode. I always get this error no matter what I do. Please advise how to properly call.





thanks for your feedback. 

did you call this api ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IMeetingUIController.SwtichToAcitveSpeaker?

if you are already in the activespeaker mode, you will get the SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE .

please help to double check.



Hi Dats,

Yes, I am calling  ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IMeetingUIController.SwtichToAcitveSpeaker. Thanks for the information, I will try to confirm this is the behavior I see.

If there is a user pinned, will SwtichToAcitveSpeaker unpin the user, or should I do this separately?

Feature request: it would be nice to be able to query the interface to get the current mode. I notice there is a SDKMeetingUIType defined but not used in the API.




I understand this better now. When using the Zoom client, after pinning a user it is necessary to select “Switch to Active Speaker” to resume active speaker mode. However, when using the Zoom SDK, after pinning a user it is simply necessary to unpin the user using PinVideo (with pin = false) to resume active speaker mode. Everything is working now. Thanks for the help.



Closing as solved.