Searching and calling users into a meeting

We have a zoom integrated app that we would like to (1) search for other Zoom users in our network and (2) based on the search, call a user or users into a meeting. The search API would also have to return the user’s status - i.e. whether they’re active and if they’re callable.
It looks like (1) can be partially fulfilled by APIs. However, the status that is returned by these APIs is not sufficient - it doesn’t reflect if the user is in another call or not (if they’re “callable”). Regarding (2), I don’t see any APIs that can be used to “call” a user into a meeting.
This functionality is offered in the stock Zoom app. Is there a method of doing this with the Zoom APIs that I’m missing? If not, is this something that’s on the Zoom API roadmap to add or should I start looking at the Zoom SDK to accomplish this?

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Hey @josh.ak,

While we don’t have an API endpoint to get a user’s current status, you might consider subscribing to our Participant Joined and Participant Left webhooks to keep track of when a user is in a meeting.

In regards to inviting a user to join a meeting, I should note that our APIs are primarily for pre- and post- meeting actions, and we don’t have an endpoint for this. To control in meeting actions, you would need to use something like our Web SDK:

Let me know if this helps to clarify.


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