Security issue in WebRTC

When we upload our app to the google play store, we see a warning about a security issue in the version of WebRTC used by our app (screenshot below). Our app doesn’t use WebRTC directly. We’re wondering if the meeting sdk uses WebRTC and if so whether or not the version could be updated such that it won’t have this security issue? Thanks!

Which Android Meeting SDK version?



Amazon Chime SDK had the same issue. They recently released a new version of their SDK with updated WebRTC. I wonder if Zoom should do the same…


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@dan1994, @henrique,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum and apologies for the missed response. We just wanted to follow up on this thread and report our engineers are looking into this. We have not seen similar reports but want to be proactive. In the meantime, can you share if you are still facing issues submitting/publishing the app on the Play Store?

Hi @dan1994 @henrique ,

Thanks for the info. We are actively investigating internally. I would like to get additional info if possible:

  • Is this Google Playstore completely blocking you from publishing new app because of this, or is this a warning that Playstore shows but it does not block the app publishing?
  • Does Google Playstore provide any methods that you could submit a claim and provide evidence for review?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!

Hi @carson.zoom ,

Thanks for the reply. For the first question, it doesn’t block us from publishing our app. It’s just a warning. Although instead of being in the usual “Warnings” section it is in the “Errors” section. If we click the “Learn more” button on the warning it takes us here How to fix apps with bad WebRTC versions - Google Help.

For the second question, I’m not quite understanding. What kind of claim would we be submitting?


Hi @carson.zoom ,

I’m just following up to see if there’s any update on this. Thanks!

Hi @carson.zoom and @donte.zoom ,

I’m just following up to see if there’s any update on this. Thanks!

Hi, @dan1994,

Thanks for following up! There is no update on this matter, however, we will keep you posted on any developments.