See participants only, if camera is enabled

Hey everybody,
in our lectures at the university we have the increasing problem, that more and more participants turn off their camera. This is not only annoying for the lecturer, but also provides a negative incentive for other students to enable their camera. Nobody wants to be observed by a huge invisible number of other participants. As a consequence the attractivity and interactivity of a meeting decreases. As we cannnot and don’t want to force people to enable their cameras, we need another solution, a slight incentive to turn on the camera. Such an incentive can be given by reciprocity. My idea for a feature option: Only people, who turn on the camera, can see other participants. The ones having disabled their cameras can still listen to the talk and see the slides, but don’t see the other particpants anymore. In my opinion this would be a really helpful feature to diminish the problem of turning off the camera and increase active participation and finally the attractivity of a zoom meeting.
What you think about this idea?

Supported! This would be a very useful feature for teaching and other larger meetings with partial camera usage.

I suggest to give the request a more precise title, e.g. “Add option: only participants with camera on can see other participants camera image”.
(In the current formulation one could understand “see participants only, if their camera is enabled” which is already the case.)

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