Disable camera und microphone

Dear forum members,

we need to turn off the ability for individual users to share their camera and microphone (as join parameter).
Unfortunately, I have not found an option for this. Is it possible at all?


i have the same problem, what are you using wordpress?

Hey @m.bammann and @latiendadejuanyloren,

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. To clarify, are you referring to the preview shown with version 1.9.5 of the Web SDK?

If so, you can set disablePreview to false when calling ZoomMtg.init().

If you are referring to preventing users from joining audio or video at all, using a Webinar insteadis the best option.

A webinar is designed for a small group of panelists to share content to an audience that isn’t able to use their camera or microphone. This will, by default, prevent your attendees from sharing their camera or microphone.

Those that need to share camera/mic would be panelists and all others would be attendees.

Let me know if that helps.


Hello Max,

thank you. Unfortunately, the webinar option is a little too expensive for us.
We also need to be able to dynamically allow users to share the camera/mic.
Is there another option to do this?

Best regards

Hey @m.bammann ,

Due to privacy, this dynamically showing the camera / mic without user action is not supported.


We don’t want to activate the camera, we want to dynamically activate the BUTTON to share te camera.
So we can ALLOW (not FORCE) different users to join the conference and forbid it for the others.

Hey @m.bammann,

If you want to disable the ability for participants to join via audio and video, you can set the following options when you call ZoomMtg.init() for that user:

isSupportAV: false
disableJoinAudio: true
disablePreview: true


Let me know if that helps.


Then I get the error message “Your browser doesn’t support using computer’s Audio device…”
In addition, the user will not be able to see any videos of the other participants then, or am I mistaken?

As a workaround I now simply call:
document.querySelector(".join-audio-container").style.display = “none”;
document.querySelector(".send-video-container").style.display = “none”;

But that is a suboptimal solution, because all participants are still visible in the gallery with a black image.
And they can still unmute themselves via the participant list.
There is no option to disable the gallery view, is there?
Is it possible to display only users who have shared the camera?

Thank you for your efforts

Hey @m.bammann,

Thanks for following up with what you found. That’s correct, it sounds like that won’t work for your use case then. In the future, we plan to release a more customizable version of the Web SDK but for now it seems using custom CSS to restyle the page is the best option based on the behavior.

No, we don’t have a spotlighting feature with the Web SDK that could be used for this either.

We do not have functionality to disable this currently.

For any of these features, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category so our team can consider them for a future release.


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