Send chat messages via API

Hey @nmatese,

Gotcha, I think the issue is the request body and not the query format=full.

Please try the following request body:

var data = {"text": "test simple message"}

You won’t be able to use any of the top level configuration like the is_markdown_support.


@tommy okay, so like @dan.atkinson mentioned there is no way to be notified of a webhook message?

Hey @nmatese, @dan.atkinson,

You can create a custom chatbot to receive and send webhooks to Zoom Chat.


Hi Tommy - Yes, we’ve attempted this, but it’s convoluted / non-trivial. We have given up for now and left all our alerting webhooks running in Webex Teams, where it’s extremely simple to configure with a provided app, and the message notifications have a full message preview.

I realise Zoom dev focus is on security at the moment, but it would be nice to have some improved functionality in the ‘incoming webhook’ app, so that Zoom admins can easily configure alerting etc into Zoom channels, without having to develop chatbots etc…


Hey @dan.atkinson,

Thanks for your feedback, we will work on improving the Incoming Webhook app. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,

is there an update about an improvement for the api?

We would also be interested in using it, our goal is to send messages from different systems (ex: monitoring) to a specific channel - but using a chatbot for this seems needlessly complicated. We’ve given up our effort for now, after running in the same problems described in this thread.


Hey @olia,

We are working to make this process easier with our Incoming Webhook App. (ZOOM-178633)

I will keep this thread updated.