Send Email to Post in Chat Channel

Is it possible to send email to a Zoom Chat Channel? Slack has this functionality via automation.

The desired functionality is to use the Zoom channel as a notification system based on incoming email sent to specific address.

Unfortunately, Zoom Chat doesn’t offer this functionality right now, though some of the engineers are putting together a roadmap to add this in the future.

@shariq.torres Curios if there is a timeline on this feature being implemented? Any additional information or if you could point me to a possible workaround that would be much appreciated.

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I would also like to know this timeline, as our sales department is considering a move to Slack, in order to receive external notifications to channels. Please advise.

+1 here, really want to move to zoom chat from slack but this is blocking.

Another +1 here! We’ve already committed to Zoom Team Chat but this feature would enhance our experience and capabilities.