Send meeting invitation


  • how can a person be invited to a (running) meeting via REST API - is this possible in?
  • i guess the API calls regarding ‘meeting registrants’ are not suitable to invite persons (i.e. send email) during a running meeting…?


we need a way to signal an invitation to another (logged in) user.
a possible solution would be to send an IM / chat message to the to-be-invited user (provided he is logged in with his desktop zoom client).

searching this forum and the API documentation, i am not really sure if / how this is possible? if possible - what is the exact REST API endpoint family for

  • posting a new chat /(=IM?) messages
  • check for new messages

thx in advance

Hi Harold,

Our REST APIs are designed for pre or post meeting actions so being able to invite someone during a meeting is not possible at this time.

Correct, meeting registrants doesn’t have the same functionality as inviting a user.

What you could do is create a chatbot[1]. Subscribe to the meeting.create webhook event[2]. Once you get the webhook notification, you can send the user a message to invite them to the meeting[3].

1 -
2 -
3 -

Let us know if that helps!