Serious problems with time in Zoom API - Timestamps from 20:00 - 23:59 are incorrect

I’m wondering if someone can please explain how time in the Zoom API works?

I created an event at 2023-11-04T22:29:03Z, but the timestamp on my log is 2023-11-05T02:29:20Z. It’s unclear why there’s a log with a date in the future. I’ve noticed this for multiple events that happened from 20:00 - 23:59 and it appears the API drops the first digit, is this expected? All times from 0:00-19:59 are accurate in my experience. Additionally, while it’s still 2023-11-04, I’d expect to see from:2023-11-03, to:2023-11-04. How am I getting events in the future?

Request made on November 4, 2023 at 10:30PM.

    "from": "2023-11-04",
    "to": "2023-11-05",
    "page_size": 30,
    "next_page_token": "",
    "activity_logs": [
            "email": "",
            "time": "2023-11-05T02:29:20Z",
            "type": "Sign in",
            "ip_address": "###",
            "client_type": "Browser",
            "version": "-"

For reference, I’m working with the and endpoints.

Next, if I don’t specify any date parameters, at what time does the from parameter begin and at what time does the to parameter end? If I make a request at 6PM, will I get events from 6PM the day before, or does the API always start at midnight the day before and return up until 11:59PM of the current date?

It looks like it’s UTC and not local time, so the first part of the question was my mistake. I’m still curious what the default request time frame is.

Hi @amp3
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Yes you are right the time by default will be shown in UTC
For the from and to parameters, you will have to set up the dates you are trying to query in each request, if you do not specify any to and from, it will start querying from the day before to today

Thanks @Elisa, is it the from date at midnight or 24 hours from the request time? Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it!

Of course @amp3
After doing some testing, it looks like it is 24 hours from the request time

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Thanks Elisa, I appreciate your help!

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Of course !!! @amp3
Happy to help!

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