Meeting API is parsing start time in the wrong timezone

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Create a meeting endpoint:

There seems to have been a breaking change in the Create Meeting endpoint of the API. In particular, start times are now parsed in the user’s timezone (indicated in their settings) rather than being parsed in UTC timezone.

For example, if I pass 2023-03-13T21:30:00.000Z into the start_time field of the API, previously that would be parsed as 9:30pm UTC, or 1:30pm PST. This makes sense because the “Z” in the ISO timestamp indicates UTC. However, the new behavior is that this time is parsed as 9:30pm PST.

Is this behavior change recent? And if so, why doesn’t there seem to be any indication in the changelog?


How To Reproduce
Call the meeting creation API with the following body:
duration: 30, start_time: "2023-03-13T21:30:00.000Z", topic: "test", type: 2,
The meeting will get created at some time other than March 13, 9:30PM UTC

Found the issue – it’s the fact that I was passing milliseconds into the time string. The docs do mention this, but it would be helpful if the API had full ISO timestamp support