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I’m hoping someone can help me - or at least point me in the correct direction - maybe i’m missing something?

If I was to create a JWT application, when configuring event subscriptions, I see a whole host of events I can subscribe to including meetings, calls etc:

However, given that the JWT application type of being retired, I am trying to make use of the server to server application now, only when I am configuring event subscriptions, I only see a small subset of events I can subscribe to which just seem limited to account data and phone calls:

The server to server application is actually perfect for my use-case, but why would I not be able to subscribe to all events?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi @jon.wallace ,

I am not able to reproduce this. In my server-to-server sample app, all of the events are present for me to select. I think we need service engineering to look at your account. Can you please create a support ticket and within that ticket include:

  • Your account number/id
  • A link to this thread
  • A link to your app credentials page
  • The app credentials

They should be able to see what’s going on!


Thanks Gianni,

Is there a email address for developer support where I should create a ticket?

Best regards,

Apologies, I thought I linked it:

Thanks again - I just opened a ticket.

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Hi - is there any other way I can get help with this? I opened a ticket with support and included the description, screenshots etc…

The response I got back from support was:

Please create an OAuth server-to-server app in order for you to create the app. This app type is added and managed across an account by account admins. This app type also enables you to utilize event subscriptions using Webhooks. You can follow this link for guidance:

I’m not even sure they actually read my email or looked into the issue.

Hoping there is another avenue where I can get help.


Bump - is there any way to get other help on this?

Technical support are simply not helping with this issue and I don’t know where else to turn.

Hi @jon.wallace

I am sorry to hear that you have not been able to resolve this issue.
I am happy to help you from now on.
So if you are working with a Server-to-Server OAuth app, make sure that the Role that has this app enabled, also has the proper permissions in their account.

For example, if you have enabled this app type to the Developer Role, and you want this developer to have access to the Dashboard scopes and features, you must give this role, the appropriate dashboard permission/settings so these scopes/features will reflect in their Server-to-Server app.

I hope this helps clarify this and helps fix this issue.
Let me know if you need any more specific guidance and I am happy to help :slight_smile:

Hi Elisa,

I have all of these permissions (I believe) on my account - I certainly have the role for the app enabled, and I have permissions for all of the hooks I am requesting.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that I see the hooks available on other app types, just not this one.


Hey @jon.wallace
I will send you a private message with more details

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