Zoom webhooks are not getting triggered for sub accounts

Hello Team,

I migrated to the Server to Server OAuth a couple of months back and on Sep 8, 2023, the JWT App got deprecated.
In my admin account, I have 13 sub-accounts which I use for creating meetings using the Meeting SDK app and getting the participants list and the meeting recording when the meeting ends via the meeting-ended webhook. This webhook is enabled in the Meeting SDK App.

But since 8th Sep, the meeting ended webhook is not getting triggered for any of my sub-accounts.
I am able to create the meetings properly using meeting API calls for all the accounts but the meeting-ended webhook is only working for the admin account.

Do I need to create separate Server to Server Oauth App for all individual 13 sub-accounts?
Is there any way I can have only 1 Server to Server Oauth app and only 1 meeting SDK app that can be used by the sub-accounts?

For now, to make the system work properly I have re-activated the JWT App using a one-time extension.
Kindly help me out and suggest a solution for this.

Hi @vaibhav1
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Can you please confirm that in your Server to Server Oauth app in the Features tab you have selected to receive events from All users in the account and subacconts?

Hi @elisa.zoom

I don’t have any Events added to the Server to Server Oauth app.

As I was using JWT earlier, I added the event for meeting-ended in the Meeting SDK App.

In the newly created Server To Server Oauth app we do not have any events configured.

were you able to validate the endpoint URL for the events you are listening in your meeting SDK app?
Have you tried adding those events in your server to server app instead? since you will be using that app to create meetings and to make API calls

Yes, the webhooks were working perfectly fine with the Meeting SDK along with JWT authentication.
I will try adding the events in the server to the server app and test if it works.

I just have one doubt, as the JWT app was deprecated, I re-activated the app with a one-time extension. So currently the JWT is being used in the system.
To test the events by adding in server to server Oauth app, if I deactivate the JWT app then can I re-activate it again if it doesn’t work?

Hi @vaibhav1
Yes, you can deactivate and activate it again.
But you should be able to test events with the server-to-server app even if you do not deactivate the JWT

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