Server-to-Server Oath token only one available at a given point in time?

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As JWT will be deprecated in June 2023, I am just exploring Server-to-Server Oath token.

Something I have realised and I woujld like to confirm and understand the rationale about it, it’s that it looks you can have just one StSOath token per app. Is this correct? how I should handle an app deployed in several servers (obviously I can use a central database/redis)?
This doesnt appear in the documentation clearly explained.

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Hi @gasparuben
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
You are correct, S2S apps can only have one token per app and they are valid for one hour. It is important to note that if you generate a new token, this new token will invalidate the previous one even if it has not expired.

As for right now, we might have a workaround for you.
Please reach out to our dev support team here and share the link to this thread and make sure to mention my name and I will take it from there!


Thank you Elisa, I just did open a support ticket: using my Zoom pro account.

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