Using Zoom in a CRM platform... Difficulty in gaining access

Hello, community! Unfortunately, I have not found any information about this and all the api connections that I made do not give any results. so I ask for help here.
We are a CRM web-platform and give other companies the possibility to integrate any social media into there personal accounts. The same we would like to make with Zoom also. Administrators each of company should be able to connect their zoom accounts to our web platform and crate/edit/remove any scheduled meetings.

I tried using Server-to-Server OAuth but I didn’t find how to get the link to authorize a user and gain access to their meetings.
In OAuth 2.0 I can get the link but am redirected to the zoom marketplace page.

So in both methods only I can get access to my personal account. When I try to request to get the link ( for Server-to-Server OAuth I get an error.

as I think, that how it should work:

  1. the user clicks the “authorize” button on our platform and is redirected to the zoom platform.
  2. the user is authorized via OAuth2.0 and redirected to our platform with a special code in the redirect link.
  3. I exchange this code for an access token using our keys and secrets.
  4. the server on behalf of the user uses this access token to create and edit meetings.

Best wishes.

Hi, @mrysok,

Thank you for posting on the Zoom Developer Platform. Based on your needs, OAuth 2.0 appears to be the most suitable option. Server-to-server is meant for internal integration, while OAuth 2.0 is designed for third-party integration.

You should be able to set up the OAuth App to redirect to your site. From there, you can obtain the code needed to get the Access Token. Here’s a Zoom clip where I manually guide you through the OAuth process: