Server-to-Server OAuth group user role Admin

We are successfully connecting Server-to-Server when the group role is Owner and adding meetings. When trying set a meeting for a group user with role of Admin, it is posting to the Owner calendar.
Account ID generated for both is the same when ‘Create Server-to-Server OAuth’ from App Marketplace

  1. Is it possible to distinguish Owner from Admin?
  2. Is there another variable we need to transmit?

Many thanks for any help.

HI @Keith_Sipes
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!

When you are generating meetings, you need to pass the user id in your query params for the user you are trying to schedule the meeting for.

If you are using the parameter “me” the meetings will always be created for the account owner.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Elisa. i’ve scoured the code (which I inherited) and only see one reference to ‘me’.
$response = CURL::Get(self::$BASE_URL.“users/me”, array(“headers” => $headers));
replaced with
$response = CURL::Get(self::$BASE_URL, array(“headers” => $headers));

unfortunately, same result. Not looking to have you debug our software… but can you think of anywhere else ‘me’ might be hiding? eg. default in which requires overwriting, etc

thanks again for your time

Hi @Keith_Sipes
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
When you try to set up the meeting for the user Admin, are you using this user’s Server to Server Oauth app? if thats the case you can use the parameter me

But if you are trying to create a meeting with the owner’s account, then when you create the meeting, you can pass the Admin’s email in the request url, like this: