How can I as the administrator of account with 10 users create zoom meetings for my users in ZOOM SDK

We are an event management application. The use case is that an admin register an event with us and create different sessions with zoom meetings. When there are concurrent meetings the user will select a user from the list of users from their company.

Problem with the use case
When we select any other user other than the admin who gave the OAuth we are unable to start that meeting with the selected user login details.

What is the solution for this do everyuser have to give OAuth? But our Architecture do have 1 event and the user will give OAuth and create as many meetings or webinars as they can.

Hi @siva,

How are you creating these meetings—are you using the API? If you’re creating these meetings programmatically, you can utilize the schedule_for field to designate another user for whom you’re creating the meeting (on their behalf)—they would be able to then start the meeting:

Keep in mind that only the host or alternative hosts can start a meeting.

I hope this helps!

We are exactly doing this @will.zoom but still it is not letting us create a meeting or webinar and says that the users are not part of your organization.

Hey @siva,

Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue so we can assist further? :slight_smile:


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