Server-to-Server OAUTH request getting "Unsupported Content Type" for some requests

I’m trying to create a new application using S2S OAUTH instead of JWT. The existing JWT application works fine, and some requests using the new auth type work while others fail. I’m using Python.

payload = {‘page_size’: ‘50’, ‘type’: ‘upcoming’}
url ={zoom_user_id}/meetings
requests.request("GET", url, headers=request_headers, params=payload)
works fine and returns all the users meetings, but

payload = {“topic”: “Appointment for XXXX”, “type”: “2”, “start_time”: “2022-12-08T20:30:00Z”, “duration”: “30”, “timezone”: “America/Los_Angeles”, “password”: “YYYYYYY”}
url ={zoom_user_id}/meetings
requests.request("POST", url, headers=request_headers, data=payload)
fails and gives me an “Unsupported Content Type” error.

Both types of requests work with the older JWT auth API.

Hi @shcs-zoom ,

I would like to test this at my end. Can you please send me the request in cURL format?

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