Unsupported grant type

The Api :- https://zoom.us/oauth/token

Error:- {
“reason”: “unsupported grant type”,
“error”: “unsupported_grant_type”

I am calling the api using Postman and passing the grant-type as account_credentials and also the account id . It is a POST request. Also the content-type is set to x-www-form-url-encoded . But the response is the error pasted above.

Let me know how to resolve this issue.


Hi @bmalik , is this for Server-to-Server OAuth or OAuth2?

Since, you’re passing grant type as account_credentials, it sounds like your intended use is for S2S. You can verify the exact set up you need for either in our public workspace:

OAuth 2 Postman Workspace: Postman

Server-to-Server: Postman

For S2S, no request body format is needed (unlike with OAuth 2.0):


This for Server to Server Oauth . I have already tried using the public workspace but run into the same problem. I can give a demo also if needed.


How to fetch the account_id required to get the access token . Right now I am using the account number displayed on the user profile page . Is that correct?

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Hi ,

I understood where I had been going wrong . I was using SDKkey and secret instead of Client Id and secret of Server to Server Auth app and also the account number was wrong. I could finally generate the access token. You can close the ticket now.


Yes this is correct and I’m glad it’s now resolved!

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