Server2Server OAuth Redirect URL is invaild


I have created a server2server OAuth app within the Zoom Marketplace to use internally for power automate integration. When I setup the connector within power automate it generate an error of Redirect URL does not match error 4700

Within the app I have created there is no option to specify the redirect URL

Is this is correct app or should I be using a staright OAuth app - this will only be used internally



Hi @ZoomUser1
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Dev Community, I am happy to help here
For Server to Server Oauth app you do not need to user a Redirect URL
Here is a link to our Docs for Server to Sever Oauth, where you will notice how you do not need a Redirect URL to generate an access token

Hi Elisa,

Thank you for your reply. When creating the Power Automate connector we are asked for a redirect URL. Is Server2Server OAuth the right app to create then or should we be using a different kind?


Hi @ZoomUser1 ,
It looks like you should be using an Oauth app if a redirect URL is required

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