Help with OAuth and redirect uri

Can someone help me understand how the redirect uri in OAuth works and how I determine what to set that to?

I’ve spent hours going through API documentation and examples and no one really explains what’s behind the redirect uri. Everything simply says “add your redirect uri” but never explains how I’m supposed to know what that is. Do I need to create that backend service? Is it provided by the authentication provider?

What I’m specifically looking for is what redirect uri I should use for Zoom OAuth when our backend authentication mechanism uses SSO Azure? Do I need to build the web service for the uri? Does Zoom provide that? Or should I be pointing somewhere at Azure? Or is there some other third-party app I should look at?

I’m coding this in PowerShell, if there are any examples, but any language would be fine. I mainly just need to know who provides the uri so I can know where to continue to look.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @jferguson, a Redirect URI is used for apps that handle user authorization. It’s the address a user is directed to after authorizing an app.

If you are integrating a backend service, you may want to use server-to-server OAuth instead.

If you were creating an app for user authorization, a redirect URI would be the address (created by your app) to handle a user’s successfully authorized state through a code parameter.

In our user-level OAuth starter, we use the root of the app (on an HTTPS link created with ngrok) to listen for a ?code={code} query parameter.

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