Service has not been Initialized Successfully

2 weeks ago was the last time we had a meeting using zoom integration in our app. Just yesterday, I started seeing "Service has not been initialized successfully. This app worked 2 weeks ago and is currently being served on Playstore (Android) and Appstore(iOS). We are looking forward to another meeting 2 weeks from now.
Kindly help.

Which version?
v4.4.56656.1030 (android).

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Enter meeting Number and Password, then click join button.

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Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Android OS: 8

Additional context
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Hi Tobiak,

Are you saying that your apps suddenly get the error code with the codes that were working for a long time?

Let me contact you shortly.


Yes, codes have been working and had been deployed to Playstore and Appstore. Error suddenly came up of recent. Last meeting we had was April 25. It worked fine for all platforms. Our app has been integrated with zoom since 2018.

Hi Tobiak,

Thanks for the info. I am working with the engineering team to investigate the issue you are mentioning. Will get back to you shortly.