Serving verifyzoom.html to demonstrate control of domain

To demonstrate that I have control of our domain (, the Zoom App Marketplace submission process requires me to place a Zoom-created file at But because we use SquareSpace, we have limited control over the URL structure of our site. The closest I’ve been able to get is to create a 301 redirect from that URL to

As shown in the screenshot below, the verification app complains “can not access the html file, please be sure the file uploaded correctly and retry”. I realize this is because the file isn’t actually at that URL; it’s behind a redirect.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
If we still have it set up by the time you see this, you’re welcome to look at the …verifyzoom.html file

Screenshots (If applicable)


  1. (Fond hope) Is there a different mechanism for proving domain ownership, such as adding a DNS TXT record?
  2. Can I prove domain ownership to a human being at Zoom?
  3. I know that I could temporarily change our DNS CNAME and A records to point to something I have more control over; but for obvious reasons, I would really rather not do that.

Hey @tom-lumin , thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Yes! :slight_smile: Please email and we can manually validate your domain.


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