Set zIndex on attachVideo()

in our use case we’ll need the non-active speaker to be displayed on the right side on top of the fullscreen speaker, but since moving to attachVideo() [to solve >4 user call], we haven’t been able to set render the smaller video on top of the fullscreen.

How to handle z-index in attachVideo()? we’ve tried setting z-index on the <video-player/> and by wrapping the video-player inside div then stylingit, none have been working so far

Hey @shi88.andy

Thanks for your feedback.

Did you mean that the smaller video overlays the fullscreen video?

To achieve overlaying, you’ll need to use multiple video-player-containers. The fullscreen video goes in one video-player-container, while the smaller video goes in another video-player-container.


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thanks! this is perfect for our use case.