shareComputerAudio stops active screenshare

If the host is sharing screen and shareComputerAudio is invoked, the current screen share ends.

Desired behavior: shareComputerAudio should be able to be called while the current screen share remains active.

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The shareComputerAudio() function is designed to allow your user to share the audio only.

If you wanted the user to set up a screen share with computer audio, you could use the promptShareScreen function so this can be enabled by the user.

If you would like to see this changed so that shareComputerAudio augments an existing screen share, I recommend submitting a feature request in our Ideas portal

I hope that helps!

Thanks @MaxM , I have added to the ideas portal.

From what I’ve seen, having shareComputerAudio stop an existing screenshare is generally a poor user experience, and there should at least be an option to not disrupt an existing screen share.

Thanks for your help!