Sharing an AI summary through email

Currently, it appears that you cannot send an edited AI summary to an email address that has already received a summary from the AI Summary edit screen. While in the “edit” function, the share sub screen remembers email addresses but you cannot select them again as recipients. This issue appears to be with Zoom’s coding for the share button. You should be able to send an AI summary as many times as you need (through the Zoom AI summary module) to an email address but it doesn’t appear to work that way.

You can see the email addresses that the summary was sent to, but they are not selectable to send to again (for instance, if a document has been edited and you want to send an updated copy). Manually typing a previously sent email address in the field also does not activate the Share button.

How do I share an AI summary to an email address that already appears in the Share screen?

The current solution seems to be if you’ve edited an AI Summary and an email address has been used, you need to input a new email address that hasn’t been used for that particular summary.


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