Is it possible to have our members share their zoom id with one click or

… or login with their zoom account? Please be kind. I’m not a coder but I’m trying to figure out what is possible so that I don’t go too far in designing how my platform works (my coder hasn’t started working on it yet).

I just want to find out if there is a quick way for my members to share whatever information we need to have in order for us to then be able to check if they have attended one of my zoom meetings on a certain day/time? And if it’s possible, what would refer to this as?

If, that is, you have the patience to give advice to a non-coder… :slight_smile:

Hi @spzoomgroup ,

Welcome to the developer forum! You’re looking to see who attended a meeting? If so we have a few different options to see that information, but they are not “one-click”. Could you share a little bit more about how you’d like things to function and I can share some context on what’s possible :slight_smile: