Sharing content from two screens in a meeting from one user

We are using Zoom to host our multidisciplinary clinical meetings. These are meetings where a group of clinicians meet to discuss clinical cases and make decisions regarding clinical treatments moving forward. One of the requirements are the ability for clinicians to share two images ( a view of a previous scan/xray and a view of a more recent scan or image). We have been trying to see how we can do this with Zoom, and have tried making use of a USB capture with a Magewell unit to pick up the second screen and share this as if it is the camera feed.

This is sub optimal as even when other users in the meeting are utilising dual screen mode the screen share and video gallery are different sizes, with one having the video ribbon on the top.

You can achieve side by side image share but only when there are different users sharing their screen at the same timeā€¦ So are there any plans to enable users to share two of there screens at once?

Also it looks like even though HD is enabled this appears to be a target with rates dropping depending on network traffic. Would be good to be able to lock this for certain users so when they are sharing images from their radiology PACS PC both images are broadcast in 1080p HD.

Can you set up fixed resoloution as an enterprise customer for certain end points