Sharing device Audio is not working in ScreenShare


  1. Started the Zoom Meeting.
  2. Pressed on Share screen and broadcast UI is presented.
  3. In the broadcast UI, I selected microphone on.
  4. In this first attempt to do a screen share, the video is being shared but for some reason, the audio is not getting shared, when I play a video in the youtube app.
  5. This works perfectly when we stop screen sharing and start the 2nd attempt.
  6. In the second attempt the video and audio are shared perfectly.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
MobileRTCScreenShare Version is:-

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  • Device: iPhone 8
  • OS: iOS 14.4.1

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Hey @spraveen,

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Is the video from youtube already playing the second time you start sharing?


No. I explicitly played the video, after sharing the screen.