Sharing in screen in break out room as co-host doesn't work

I’m on latest SDK. When I join the breakout room, the host makes me a co-host then I can’t share my screen. I press share but the other participants wouldn’t see my screen…

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues with screen sharing in breakout rooms. I’ve tried testing a few scenarios with sharing in BO rooms, and everything seems to be working as expected on my end. Can you please let me know if I’m missing any reproduction steps below?

  1. With the Zoom client, start a meeting
  2. With the SDK, join the meeting
  3. With the Zoom client, promote the user that joined via SDK to co-host
  4. Create a BO room, assign the SDK user to it, and start the BO room
  5. Join the BO room from both the SDK and client applications
  6. With the SDK application, start screen share

After following the above steps, I was able to successfully share the whole screen or just a window and observed the correct content being shared from the Zoom client.

If the above steps to reproduce are correct, can you please let me know what you are seeing when you start sharing your screen as both the user sharing and the other user in the BO room?


Which version of the SDK are you trying?

Hi @tmiskiew,

I was attempting to reproduce with the latest version of the SDK (v5.4.54802.0124). Is this the same version you are using?


I am using the same version. I made the observation that this didn’t work because the Mac complained that the (Demo) app is not trusted in Mac Preferences - Security Privacy. So I went there and changed those settings but it took quite a few restarts before that got accepted. I have this issue with the latest SDK on all of my Mac so it’s definitely not a one off issue but a general issue of this version.

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the additional info.

The security settings on your device can absolutely impact screen sharing behavior in the SDK. That being said, the impact should not be specific to sharing in a breakout room. Can you please confirm that the behavior you are seeing is present for all screen sharing and not just the breakout room?


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