"Sign in" and "Add" functionality from `promptAuthorize()`


We’re currently working on ways to elevate Guests to installed app users.

We’ve been playing around with the promptAuthorize API, and are wondering:

Have you considered exposing the functionality from this prompt?

Specifically, would you consider allowing apps to initiate “Sign in” to the client from within their app, and also allow them to initiate “Add” in-client?

As you can see in the screenshots below, the promptAuthorize prompt itself overlays our application. We’re hoping to give user a more native & seamless experience, and we cab do so given that we know their authorized status (from the config response).

To try this yourself

  1. Use a Zoom app with Guest mode
  2. Enable the promptAuthorize API
  3. Call the promptAuthorize API for the Guest whilst using the application
  4. a modal is shown allowing users to either Sign in (if authorized: false) OR Add the app (if authorized: true)

We are proposing new APIs to allow the app developer to do these actions directly.

Is there any other way to do this, and is it something you’ve considered before?


Screenshot 1: A view showing (1) the prompt triggered by promptAuthorize when signed out and (2) the sign in modal displayed upon clicking “Sign In”

Screenshot 2: A view showing the prompt triggered by promptAuthorize when signed in

Have you seen this page where you can make suggestions for new features / ideas? https://portal.productboard.com/nsh3c2ofzhlj5rstqxwnbfp4/tabs/63-next

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Submitted. Thanks @ash.provost :smile: