Web Application as Zoom App


We have a web application which we want users with Zoom accounts to discover or find our app from Zoom Marketplace, add / install and authorize from Zoom Client and have it added to their account.

To begin this experimentation, here are the steps I followed to create a TEST app.

  1. created a user level oAuth App name GT-Zoom Integration
  2. added Redirect URL for OAuth
  3. Added “Scopes”
  4. I see an option to test app called “Local test”. Once I click on Local test, I see option Test the App Locally & I see a button to “Intall” app.
  5. Once I click on “Install” button I’m redirected to a page where I need to Authorize / Decline App in new window.
  6. Once I authorize the app, I’m redirected to our web application successfully.

So use case here is - we want users with Zoom accounts goto “Apps” section from Zoom window find our App from Zoom Marketplace and once user Install / Authorize the app it is loaded inside Zoom window as an in-app browser app. For e.g. currently how Miro app is getting loaded inside Zoom client once user adds it to their account. Attached screen cap for reference. We want to achieve this similar behaviour / experience like Miro.

Let me know if this use case is possible to implement with the TEST app I’ve created or this is only available for Published verified apps on Zoom Markeplace ? I’m aware TEST App I’ve created will not be currently available on Zoom Marketplace.

I hope, I’m able to explain use case clearly. Any help on this is higly appreciated!

Amit Gandhi

Hi @amitgandhi2512 ,

At this time, the Zoom Apps flow is only available for Zoom Apps Beta Program partners so you would not be able to test your app in the client in the same way. Once the program is out of beta, more developers will be able to access this development environment.

We still encourage you to build through our other options though, such as our SDKs :slight_smile:


thanks its very helpful…

@will.zoom @gianni.zoom - is it possible to achieve above functionality by creating oAuth app: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/build/oauth-app ?

I’ve managed to achieve flow which we want but only question we have is whether it is possible to launch our app from inside Zoom Client by going to Apps section like Miro ? Currently, I can test my oAuth app by testing it locally which opens in new window. Thanks!

Hi @will.zoom, I’m aware Zoom apps are currently in a closed beta but team is actively preparing for General Availibilty for developers. May I know by when it will be avialble for GA ?

we have Enterprise Zoom Account and we want to achieve above use case. I believe we need to create oAuth app to achieve this use case as we need to interact with Zoom REST APIs to get user information. SDK apps wil require lots of custom development time is what my understanding is.

Let me know your thoughts / ideas.


Should we install oAuth App in all cases? Like we are managing our website Apk Mortgage by connecting the team member through Zoom. We was working accurately; so, will there be any need for Web Application?

May I know the name for Zoom Apps? it is NOT oauth / jwt / chatbot / sdk, right?

@king.ying these will be referred to as Zoom Apps, but you will not see this option available until Zoom Apps are released for General Availability. We anticipate this to happen shortly, but is not yet available.

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