Signature invalid using the package downloaded from skd app


i’m trying to join a meeting using the skd credentials, so, i dowloaded the web app that are con sdk app marketplace, but after put as well the sdk key and secret , everytime that i try to join, it trhow signature invalid, so, what can i do?

thank you

Hi @carlos.sabado.cortes ,

Please reference this thread on this: Invalid signature using Web SDK - #5 by MaxM

Let me know if it helps!

i read that the solution on this thread is use JWT, but it is going to be deprecated, there is any solution using web sdk, because i read in other threads the same solution

Thank you

Hi @carlos.sabado.cortes!

Generate an SDK JWT Token (different from the Zoom JWT App type that will be deprecated) to join Zoom meetings with the SDK.

Additionally, utilize OAuth credentials if you’d also like to start meetings with the SDK.

The instructions for the entire process are here: SDK Authorization

Hi mate,
i followed the instructions, copy the code of generate sginature and join severals times, review the credentials, redo again and again, but allways throw invalid signature

@carlos.sabado.cortes ,

Can you share a code snippet of how you are generating the signature?