Signature is invalid, zoom webSDK v2.11.0, using SDK APP

I’m using WebMeetingSDK v2.11.0 and generating signature and passing SDK ClientId and Client Secret to generate signature getting issue - ''Signature is invalid.

errorMessage:“Signature is invalid.”
method: “join”
result:“Invalid signature.”
status: false.

I’m haveing - zoomus/websdk": “^2.11.0”


can you share your generated JWT token?

  1. Below signature is crated by using method “generateSDKSignature”, but getting error, Signature is invalid.


  1. Below signature is crated by using method “.Net C# method”, but getting error, The signature has expired., Reference URL: Referred Link:


Hi @vishwajeetbhosale ,

Important: make sure your role is entered as integer instead of string
“role”: “1”
“role”: 1 ← do this instead

Another thing which might be good practice, but might not affect the validity of the JWT token
include tokenExp as well.

Let me know if it works (using integer for role instead of string)


Role is in string format for ZoomMtg.generateSDKSignature(), so not able to add as number/integer.


Below image is for second signature, using the integer value as role


Did it work for you?

Not at all worked, Can you check this ASAP deprecation is also there

perhaps the similar problem - error “3712” can also mean “signature not yet valid”

and the same solution

  • “iat” should be 30 seconds in the past