Silmutaneous meetings in rails app


We are currently working on a rails app that requires the functionality of holding several meetings at the same time. We are using a gem to call the API endpoints.

So far we managed to create a meeting with a single user account. The next step is for us to confirm which are the necessary conditions to hold several meetings simultaneously?

For instance, can it be done with a pro account that has 4 to 5 licenses assuming that I would have no more than 5 meetings at once?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?”

Additional context

  • Client project, the client is planning on acquiring a Pro account with 5 licenses
  • Ruby on rails app in which a user can book online activities.

Hi @pcobos,

Happy to help clarify.

To that end, if you wish to hold simultaneous meetings under your account, this is possible—it just requires that each meeting has it’s own unique host. 1 host can only hold 1 meeting at a time.

So, if you need to host 5 meetings all at the same time, you will need to schedule those 5 meetings under their own respective hosts.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

Hi Will,

How many hosts can I have per license? If I have a pro account with 2 licenses, would that be enough to host 5 simultaneous meetings?
Under which attribute can I find out if a user is a host or not?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @pcobos,

Hosts and licenses have a 1:1 relationship. If you need to host 5 meetings at the same time, you will need 5 licenses.


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