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Hi there! I’m planning to use Zoom Pro plan for my online education app. According to our business plan, we will have hundreds of teachers (thousands in future) and they should have their meetings concurrently.

As far as I read from documents and the developer forum, we are able to add to 9,999 users and create a concurrent meeting for each one of them. For example, if I have 9,999 teachers, each one of them can host their own meeting concurrently. All I need to do is create and assign the meeting to the correct user using the API.

If that’s true, then what is the host limitation on per account basis? Is it just about hosting the same meeting with more than one user? Do I need to increase my host limit according to our business plan?

I initially started to code a JWT app. Is it suitable for my needs, or I need to switch to an OAuth app?

Thanks in advance

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @aselcukc,

Correct! The user types and features are mentioned here under “Types of users”:

Depending on what features you want each host to have, you can update/upgrade them accordingly.

A JWT App is perfect if you are intending to make the API calls for all the users on your Zoom account.

OAuth is for making API calls on external Zoom users accounts after they authorize you to do so.


Got it. Thank you @tommy

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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