Sing in using macOS SDK not working

We use the macOS SDK version 5.2.41751.1026. Our login code below. It works. Sometimes. But it takes 3 seconds. Why so long? Unfortunately more often the not it doesn’t work. Then it takes 40 seconds to tell us that username and password are wrong even though they’re correct. We even went so far as to hardcode the correct credentials. Complete insanity. Can someone from zoom please fix this SDK?

   func login(
        _ userName: String,
        password: String,
        rememberMe: Bool,
        completion: @escaping LoginCompletion
      ) {
        loginCompletion = completion
        print("ZoomAuthService: login: start time: \(Date())")
        sdkAuthService?.login(userName, password: password, rememberMe: rememberMe)
    func onZoomSDKLogin(_ loginStatus: ZoomSDKLoginStatus, failReason reason: String) {
        print("ZoomAuthService:onZoomSDKLogin(_ loginStatus: \(loginStatus), failReason reason: \(reason)")
        guard loginStatus == ZoomSDKLoginStatus_Success,
          let user = sdkAuthService?.getAccountInfo()?.zoomUser else {
            guard loginStatus == ZoomSDKLoginStatus_Failed else { return }
            print("ZoomAuthService: login failed: end time: \(Date())")
                  domain: "ZoomAuthService",
                  code: Int(loginStatus.rawValue),
                  userInfo: ["message": reason]
        print("ZoomAuthService: login successfule: end time: \(Date())")

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. I have attempted to reproduce this on my end, but am consistently seeing quick response times after logging in. In order to help reproduce so that we can investigate, can you please provide the following information:

  • Are these login attempts all in the same session or are you stopping and re-launching the application?
  • Since this issue is intermittent, can you confirm with absolute certainty that there are no connectivity issues occurring during your testing?
  • Can you provide the logs from a successful login session and one wherein the login fails?