No reason message string when calling loginStatus

When we call


  • @brief Specify to get the response of ZOOM SDK Login.
  • @param loginStatus Notify user of login status.


  • (void)onZoomSDKLogin:(ZoomSDKLoginStatus)loginStatus failReason:(NSString*)reason;’

and enter wrong username and password we’re not getting the reason message string from SDK.

Can you show how to correctly call this?

Thank you


Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the post.

Please provide the following information so that we may better assist you:

  • A code snippet showing how you are assigning the delegate to ZoomSDKAuthService
  • Are you not seeing the onZoomSDKLogin called at all? Or are the parameters nil?



func initZoomSDKWithJWT(token: JWTToken, completion: @escaping AuthCompletion) {
authCompletion = completion
sdk.zoomDomain = Constant.ZoomSDK.kSDKDomain

let authContext = ZoomSDKAuthContext()
authContext.jwtToken = token.token
sdkAuthService = sdk.getAuthService()
sdk.getAuthService().delegate = self


func login(
_ userName: String,
password: String,
rememberMe: Bool,
completion: @escaping LoginCompletion
) {
loginCompletion = completion
sdkAuthService?.login(userName, password: password, rememberMe: rememberMe)

func onZoomSDKLogin(_ loginStatus: ZoomSDKLoginStatus, failReason reason: String) {
guard loginStatus == ZoomSDKLoginStatus_Success,
let user = sdkAuthService?.getAccountInfo()?.zoomUser else {
guard loginStatus == ZoomSDKLoginStatus_Failed else { return }
domain: “ZoomAuthService”,
code: Int(loginStatus.rawValue),
userInfo: [“message”: reason]



userInfo: [“message”: reason] this line returns empty reasons.

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for providing that information.

We were able to reproduce this on our end and are currently investigating this behavior. As soon as we have an update, I will be sure to let you know.


Any joy, @jon.lieblich?

Hi @tmiskiew,

Apologies, but I don’t understand the question in your last message.

That being said, we are still looking into this and will let you know once we have any updates.


Hi @tmiskiew,

I have confirmed that we will be resolving this in a future release of the SDK. Be sure to keep an eye on our release notes until then. :slightly_smiling_face:


@jon.lieblich Do I understand correctly that this problem hasn’t been addresses in release v5.2.42037.1112?

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for following up.

Yes, you are correct that this has not yet been added to the macOS SDK in the last release. There have been higher priority issues in need of addressing, so we have not yet determined a timeline for when this will be resolved.