Speeding up web sdk load times in the browser

Hi there, we are using the websdk to connect a 1 on 1 Video and audio meeting between 2 users.
I wanted to know if anyone here has any tips or tricks to speed up the load time of the web sdk?

From my testing I have found that it takes a 6-8 seconds for the ZoomMtg object to perform the two lines below and get to the following console output “>>>>>>>> CREATE JSMEDIASKD INSTANCE <<<<<<<<”

Can we remove them? if not read below…

As our app is going to be runnig for multiple different meetings I was thinking it would be good to cache the resources which are loaded by these 2 lines so they can be used over multiple meeting sessions. Although I am not sure how to…

Any thoughts/ ideas will help greatly :smile:

Which version?

Hey @james1,

Are you using the CDN or Local version of the Web SDK?


Hey @tommy,

I am using the Local version of the Web SDK .


Hey @james1,

If using the Local version, the load times should be quick since you are hosting the files.

Can you try upgrading to version 1.7.8 to see if that fixes the issue?


The latest guidance for best performance and speed is to use our CDN, which is the default behavior.

Follow the guidance here: Meeting SDK - web - client view - Import