Spurious Warning Errors (Declaration does not declare anything) During Compile in macOS VideoSDK v1.3.3

VideoSDK 1.3.3 - macOS - Spurious Warning Errors During Compile in macOS VideoSDK v1.3.3

When compiling the v1.3.3 Video SDK for macOS, spurious warning errors are generated by the following statements in ZMVideoSDKUserHelper.h

- (ZMVideoSDKVideoStatus*)getVideoStatus; DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Use [ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe getVideoStatus] instead");
- (ZMVideoSDKShareStatus)getShareStatus; DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Use [ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe getShareStatus] instead");

The error shown in Xcode is: “Declaration does not declare anything”

The solution is simple: remove the semicolon before DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE as shown below.

* (ZMVideoSDKVideoStatus*)getVideoStatus DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE(“Use [ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe getVideoStatus] instead”);
* (ZMVideoSDKShareStatus)getShareStatus DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE(“Use [ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe getShareStatus] instead”);

Then you will get the deprecation warning but not the compile error.