Start a meeting via API

Hi Will

We were following the instructions at the reference page ( regarding Heroku:



Hey @Marcus1,

Thanks for clarifying—is it possible you’re passing undefined values or no values to the generator? The last signature you shared was missing values for meetingId and role


Hi Will

This is the way we are calling it via ajax:

url: “”,
type: ‘POST’,
“apiKey” : ‘’,
“apiSecret” : ‘’,
“meetingNumber”: ‘’,
“role”: 1
success: function (result) {
error: function(xhr, status, error) {

Just changed some values. If something is missing, is here, can you please help us to find?

Thank you!

Hey @Marcus1,

Thanks for updating this—can you share the signature this is generating? I’m happy to take another look now.


Hi Will, thank you again!
Sorry, I think I did not make myself clear, this is exactly the code that generated the last signature I sent you, the one you told me was full of “undefined”. But, as you can see, everything seems to be defined. Guess we are reaching a dead end here…

Hey @Marcus1,

Apologies for any confusion! In taking a look at the body you’re sending to your heroku generator, I noticed you’re passing some extra fields it appears. If you’re using our generator flow, you only need to POST the meetingNumber and role fields:

Can you adjust the request body and let me know if you’re still having trouble?


Hi Will

That was how we where calling it in our first attempt, then you wrote:

"I’m still seeing undefined s in your signature:

Can you please ensure you’re passing valid values for the fields I referenced in the above post?"

Hey @Marcus1,

Sorry for any confusion—depending on whether you’re using the heroku generator or generating the signature in your code, your request may or may not include the api credentials.

If you’re using our heroku generator, the api key and secret are passed when you create/deploy your Heroku URL, so you don’t need to pass them in the request body.

Let me know if this clears things up.


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