Start and Join Webinar

How can I start and join a webinar in my app using iOS sdk?

if u want to start a webinar meeting, you need to schedule a webinar on the web first. Then you can start the meeting like a normal meeting:
MobileRTCMeetingService *ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
if (ms)
//Sample for Start Param interface
MobileRTCMeetingStartParam * param = nil;
MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser * user = [[[MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser alloc]init]autorelease];
param = user;
param.meetingNumber = kSDKMeetNumber; // if kSDKMeetNumber is empty, it‘s a instant meeting.
param.isAppShare = appShare;
MobileRTCMeetError ret = [ms startMeetingWithStartParam:param];
NSLog(@“onMeetNow ret:%d”, ret);

if u want to join a webinar meeting, You also need to get WebinarToken from the REST API. Then you can add it like this:
MobileRTCMeetingService *ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
if (ms)
//For Join a meeting with password
NSDictionary *paramDict = @{
MobileRTCMeetError ret = [ms joinMeetingWithDictionary:paramDict];

    NSLog(@"onJoinaMeeting ret:%d", ret);



Hi Murray

Thanks for your reply. I tried joining a webinar meeting using iOS SDK and got alert saying that “The meeting has problem. (Error code: 3038)”

I used following parameters to join meeting:
kMeetingParam_Username, kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber and kMeetingParam_WebinarToken

Am I missing anything?

Hi Neha,

The error code you got (Error code: 3038) indicates that the webinar has expired. Please ensure the webinar that you are joining is still valid at the time you are joining and the token you pass is also valid.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


  1. Do I need to schedule webinar first??There is nothing like instant webinar start as instant meeting??
  2. After scheduling webinar, can I use that webinar id in start meeting code to start webinar?
    It’s a bit confusing.
    Please answer. Thanks

Hi @rj1234ios,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding your questions:

Yes, webinar is different from regular meetings, it requires schedule ahead. You may use Zoom REST API to create a webinar programmatically( and it will provide an experience similar to an instant webinar

After you have successfully scheduled the webinar, you can start a webinar in the same way as you start a meeting. Simply pass the webinar number to the start meeting interface and it will start the webinar.

Hope this helps. Thanks!